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read what the experts are saying ...

"Pound of Flesh is destined to be a classic late night movie; 
campy college satire, bikini clad women; a murder mystery; 
too, controversial thesis (prostitution on a college campus), 
and a charismatic centerpiece Malcolm McDowell 
as the pimping professor. 

Bring on the keg!"

Dr. Paul  R. Abramson, Professor of Psychology, UCLA


“POUND OF FLESH:  Alrighty, it's about time a pic stepped up to replace 
"Wild Things" on the guilty pleasure list. 

Based on a true story, Malcolm McDowell stars as a professor  that 
pimps out his students, ahem, a little short on cash.  No matter what the Bangles have been up to lately, their mom has kept working and she helms this wild pic  showing who has got the youthful genes in that family.  Everything is going along well until one of 
the babes on ‘scholarship' winds up dead beginning an eddy  that starts circling the drain with the mayor, the head of the college and all the rest of the uptight, upright citizens of 
the realm taking one that ain't for the Gipper. 

Yeah, you guessed it, this doesn't end well for anyone but the viewer. 
With Ron Meyer admitting Universal doesn't make anything but crap anymore, a grand pic like this just has no place in the mainstream cinema anymore. Their loss. This is simply a great contemporary take on noir that is a must see guilty pleasure. Hot stuff.”



“Tamar Hoffs does for the scraping together of college tuition what 
Roger Corman did for quick smart genre knock-offs -- Pound of Flesh exposes 
the practice of certain faculty grading on a curve for male students while grading 
on strictly anatomic curves for female students.”

Lisa Nesselson, France 24,TV


"I love 'Pound of Flesh' ... you've got a great tiger by the tail here.  Noah 
 (McDowell) and Patrick (Macfadyen) are tremendous fascinating  characters 
-- a pair of muddy giants duking it out in a carnal  stewpot. Beautiful 
Americana. Your dialogue sings and your gritty  sense of procedural feels very 
knowledgeable and well lived in."

FX Feeney, Film Critic,
LA Weekly, The Village Voice


“A masterful and compelling story of college students employed as sex workers. 
Even as this movie is smart and thought-provoking, it is also great and entertaining story-telling. To be watched and savored.”

Dr. Elyn Saks, Professor of Law, University of Southern California


"Pound of Flesh has it all -- searing conflict over love, sex, money and sin, 
worthy of Eugene O'Neill."

Professor Peter Loewenberg, UCLA


“This devious and sex-filled thriller from Tamar Simon Hoffs reminds us of 
‘Heathers’ and ‘Wild Things.’”

Superheidi, Fangirltastic


"Pound of Flesh is a gripping, suspenseful drama. Though fictional, it is 
as timely and  disturbing as the news reports from several American college 
campuses which inspired its story. Malcolm McDowell and the supporting 
cast are outstanding." 

David Peretz, M.D. 
Psychiatrist, psychoanalyst, faculty
Columbia University College of 
Physicians and Surgeons.


"It was a  treat -- to engage with a film that lifts up such timely, 
important and  provocative questions. Clearly we could have talked together much 
longer ... I imagine many fruitful conversations ..."

Margaret Klenck,
Master of Divinity, Licensed Psychoanalyst,
Jungian Analyst



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