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In Production

Tamar Simon Hoffs has just finished writing an original screenplay titled VILLA AURORA which will also star Malcolm McDowell and Timothy Bottoms and a host of stars.

In 2010 Tamar Simon Hoffs finished writing and directing her latest film titled POUND OF FLESH starring Malcolm McDowell, Angus Macfadyen, Timothy Bottoms, Dee Wallace, Elizabeth Rodriguez, Taryn Southern, Whitney Able, Lilly McDowell, Bellamy Young, Seán McCarthy, Ashley Wren Collins, Jeff D'Agostino, Shahar Sorek, Lou Mulford, Braxton Davis and Samantha Pallett.

POUND OF FLESH is the story of two men, polar opposites who will fall from grace at the same moment, engage in moral and mortal combat, and discover that they are not that different, after all.

One is Noah Melville, a popular classics professor at an elite liberal arts college.  His young daughter and beautiful wife, Daniella, adore him. A model family man?  Not quite.  Between lectures, Noah runs an upscale escort service from his comfortable country residence, employing nubile coeds to meet the needs of wealthy patrons.  The escorts earn big bucks to help pay their tuition, while the clients - predominately faculty and other pillars of this idyllic community with bored wives and money to spend - get just the service they desire. Everyone is happy.

Noah's opposite is Patrick Kelly, a trigger-happy moralistic detective charged with abuse of force and relegated to a desk job. Noah becomes the focus of Patrick's investigation when a shocking murder of an escort by a well-known millionaire rattles their town, ending Noah?s peaceful and profitable enterprise.  All hell breaks loose for everyone involved.

The complexities of Noah's affairs and moral philosophy are quickly revealed. Charged with pandering, he is forced to become a fugitive whom Patrick is determined to track down. But is Kelly motivated by a sense of justice or his own need for redemption at all costs? This is a psychological drama with dark comedic underpinnings.  In a world where killing is justified and sex can be a crime, POUND OF FLESH deals with the unexpected, the ambiguous, and the need to re-evaluate what is right and what is wrong. Director Producer Writer Tamar Simon Hoffs says POUND OF FLESH is: 'Catch Me If You Can' meets 'Belle du Jour.'

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